Christine Baeza


With her real estate investment expertise, Emerald Coast knowledge, and 100% commitment to accomplishing her clients’ goals, Christine Baeza consistently delivers the results clients want, right here in paradise. A licensed agent since 2002, Christine was a property stager while raising her kids before moving into real estate full time. She’s been in her current market since 2018, and her desire to please others and see them happy is evident in her loyalty, hard work, and problem-solving abilities. Christine represents many primary residents, second-home buyers, and, with her heightened knowledge of returns on investment, seasoned investors looking to increase the value of their portfolios.

Boasting $55 million in sales volume in 2021 alone, Christine ranks in the top 3% of agents locally and has been featured in Top Producer magazine for her accomplishments, which include being a recognized negotiator for the TV show “The Negotiators.” As a deal- maker, Christine understands that her role is about more than getting to contract — it’s about getting to close. One of her key strategies is to maintain a rapport with her dynamic network of real estate professionals, giving her clients’ offers the extra boost they need to stand out from the crowd.

Before her real estate career, Christine was a trauma center EMT who understood the importance of balancing a strong work ethic and team collaboration with care and compassion. Her faith and personal experiences with several family hardships have further shaped her empathy for and patience with others. Christine doesn’t respond to her clients based on her availability; she makes time for them, answering her phone 24/7, always with their best interests at heart. She stays in touch with her clients after closing, and most of them become her friends.

A mother to three grown sons, Christine enjoys her time away from real estate with hot yoga and martial arts. She’s earned multiple black belts, and she has taught self-defense to women on behalf of her local police department. Christine is also an accomplished artist and loves to travel, head to the beach, garden, bike ride, and cook international cuisine.

Roy Barker

Roy Barker

Originally from Seattle, Roy Barker has moved all over the country. Roy first entered the real estate industry in 1985 while living in Louisiana. Currently, he serves the housing market in Northwestern Florida, where he primarily works with investors and clients serving in the military. Roy began working in Florida in 2001 and has a sharp knowledge of the local market. In the time since, he has earned his real estate licenses in Washington, Louisiana, and Florida. With nearly 40 years of experience, Roy is well positioned to protect his clients’ best financial interests and is particularly adept at interpreting the legal and contractual components of each real estate transaction. Prior to his career as a real estate professional, Roy worked in the United States Air Force for nine years as a computer operations manager. After leaving the Air Force, he worked in banking before transitioning into computer sales and analysis. Given his strong background in sales, banking, management, and customer service, Roy is able to provide exceptional care to his real estate clients while expertly guiding them through the buying and selling processes. Roy also has experience in construction and renovation and uses these experiences to advise his clients about project feasibility and potential hidden costs. Roy has two grown children and six grandchildren, two of which also work for Dockside Realty Inc. Outside of work, Roy is active in his church, where he was previously an elder and did a lot of preaching in the past. When he was younger, he was an avid scuba diver and instructor. As he’s aged, however, he’s primarily interested in traveling and enjoying cruises with his family.

Patty Barker

For Patty Barker, there is nothing more rewarding than escorting people through the exciting life transition of buying or selling a home and starting a new chapter in their lives. An industry expert for over 40 years, Patty brings her consummate experience earned from owning and operating three successful real estate offices in South Florida for 20 years. Seeking refuge from the South Florida heat, Patty reestablished her business in the Panhandle, where she serves homebuyers and sellers from Pensacola to Panama City Beach. As a military spouse, Patty understands the complexities of resettling, and she ensures her clients have the information they need to make the best decisions for their futures. From investors and retirees to military relocations or vacation home seekers, Patty enjoys serving people from all walks of life. She thrives on the diversity that comes with each client and the endless ability to learn and grow with every transaction. Her dedication to customer service and patient nature make her the perfect partner for any real estate need. In addition to real estate, Patty is passionate about giving back to her community through Paint the Cape Beautiful, a volunteer group she spearheaded to help improve and uplift businesses in her community. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, writing poetry, singing, and cooking — she is especially gifted in the art of crafting scratch-made soups.

Carter Baeza
Carter Baeza - Agent

Dockside Realty, Inc. Carter Baeza

Carter Baeza is a dynamic licensed real estate professional, deeply rooted along the picturesque Emerald Coast of Florida. His early fascination with architecture and business was complemented by a profound commitment to personal development and compassion—a duality that now defines his approach to realty.

From a tender age, Carter was driven by a compelling desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world, aspiring to light up lives with happiness. The adversities faced within his own family, enduring the repercussions of tragic accidents that befell his brothers, have shaped Carter’s emotional acuity and lent him a unique aptitude in negotiation. His hardships have been his greatest mentor, endowing him with an understanding of the human condition that is rare in his field.

While navigating the challenge of supporting himself through high school and juggling over 60-hour work weeks across two jobs, including a role as a lead cook at Grimaldi’s Pizza Kitchen, Carter’s resilient spirit and reflective nature led him to an epiphany. Real estate, he realized, would harness his innate talent for connection and enable him to channel his passion for enriching lives into a rewarding professional pursuit.

Embracing the world of real estate with fervor, Carter’s first-year triumphs, with sales exceeding $3.3 million, are a testament to his exceptional ability to understand both market trends and human aspirations. His days are devoted to enhancing his expertise in the ever-evolving housing market, meticulously identifying properties with income potential, and earnestly listening to and acting on the priorities of those he represents.

Bradford Howell

Bradford Howell – Agent

Meet Bradford Howell, a seasoned professional whose journey through life has been marked by dedication, discipline, and a commitment to excellence. With 12 years of service in the United States Air Force, Brad soared through the ranks, displaying unwavering attention to detail and a profound sense of duty to others. During his military tenure, Brad honed his skills in strategic planning, teamwork, and precision – qualities that would later prove instrumental in his transition to the dynamic world of real estate. Today, Brad applies the same precision and discipline to help his client navigate the complexities of buying and selling properties. His attention to detail, unwavering integrity, and a deep understanding of clients needs sets him apart in the real estate industry.