Carter Baeza

Carter Baeza - Agent

Carter Baeza is a dynamic licensed real estate professional, deeply rooted along the picturesque Emerald Coast of Florida. His early fascination with architecture and business was complemented by a profound commitment to personal development and compassion—a duality that now defines his approach to realty.

From a tender age, Carter was driven by a compelling desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world, aspiring to light up lives with happiness. The adversities faced within his own family, enduring the repercussions of tragic accidents that befell his brothers, have shaped Carter’s emotional acuity and lent him a unique aptitude in negotiation. His hardships have been his greatest mentor, endowing him with an understanding of the human condition that is rare in his field.

While navigating the challenge of supporting himself through high school and juggling over 60-hour work weeks across two jobs, including a role as a lead cook at Grimaldi’s Pizza Kitchen, Carter’s resilient spirit and reflective nature led him to an epiphany. Real estate, he realized, would harness his innate talent for connection and enable him to channel his passion for enriching lives into a rewarding professional pursuit.

Embracing the world of real estate with fervor, Carter’s first-year triumphs, with sales exceeding $3.3 million, are a testament to his exceptional ability to understand both market trends and human aspirations. His days are devoted to enhancing his expertise in the ever-evolving housing market, meticulously identifying properties with income potential, and earnestly listening to and acting on the priorities of those he represents.